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How To Create a Culture of Gratitude

Want to change the atmosphere in your classroom? Want to increase community and empathy among your students? Try teaching gratitude. It’s amazing what can change in the attitude of a person when they are focused more on what they are grateful for. Here are a few ways to start incorporating gratitude into your everyday school life.

Gratitude Journal

Have your students keep a journal or composition book and at the beginning of each day, write down three things they are grateful for.

Exercise the muscle

For an extra challenge, have your students pick one thing they wouldn’t normally be grateful for (homework, chores, etc) and write down how they can be thankful for it.

Thank You Board

Keep a “thank you board” in your classroom and when your students see something they are thankful for, have them write it on a notecard and add it to the board for the day!

Serving Others

Find ways for your students to serve others. Maybe it’s a community project or reaching out to those that are in need.

Read Books About Gratitude

Keep the gratitude culture going by reading books about it!

Lead By Example

What better way to teach thankfulness than to show by example. As an educator, you have the opportunity to display your gratitude to your students in ways they may never experience at home. Take the time to thank them individually and corporately as you see them exercising these tools!

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Rowena Quinn
Rowena Quinn
Dec 11, 2020

As a literacy coach, I always enjoyed visiting your second grade classroom. When God moved you to another level in your profession, I sat at your feet with awe. Your enthusiasm for teaching is off the meter. Keep stirring up the gift in students, teachers, & administrators.

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