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6 Ways to Build Self Esteem in Students

As an educator, you desire to see your students grow! Nothing makes us more happy than to see them succeed. And, as many of you know, when children feel good about themselves, they are more likely to achieve more in the classroom.

So, how do we help build their self esteem in the classroom so they can reach their full potential in school and in life? Here are 6 ways to foster a can-do attitude!

Celebrate small achievements

The little things matter! What may seem small to you may be quite important to a young learner. Be generous with encouragement and praise for a job well done.

Practice self acceptance

Encourage your students to practice accepting themselves for who they are and where they are right now.

Avoid comparing students to one another

Every child is different. Some are further along than others and that is okay. Get to know the strengths and weaknesses of each student and celebrate their milestones.

Give encouraging feedback

It is easy to focus on what was done wrong and what needs to be fixed. Just be sure to not forget to give encouraging feedback. Point out the positives of what they are doing right and celebrate their victories.

Learn from mistakes

Focus more on what was gained rather than what was lost. Mistakes are not the end of the world but a fantastic way to keep learning!

Encourage students to surround themselves with people who are positive and supportive.

Show me your five closest friends and I’ll show you your future. Yes, even at a young age, it matters who you hang around. Encourage your students to make friends with those that are kind and build them up rather than tearing them down.

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