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9 Ways to Engage Reluctant Readers

As an English teacher, you may be very excited about sharing your love of reading with your students. But what do you do when most of your students, well, seem to avoid reading at all costs? While many may think they are simply being lazy, it is quite common for children to be just the opposite. They find the book boring or difficult to connect to. They may not have a household habit of reading regularly or they may simply lack the necessary skills.

While there are many reasons for children to avoid reading, there are ways to encourage a turn-around. Here are some tips that are sure to help.

Read aloud

Have a regularly set time where you read aloud to your young students. With a little creativity and voicing, you can turn a reading hour into quite the adventure!


Have your students write down a short summary of what they’ve read. This is a great way to build comprehension!

Try big print

Could it be that the print size may be too small? Try offering books with larger print to those that may have difficulty reading.

Incorporate movement and hands on activities

While this one may pose a little more risk, allow some students to walk around as they read, as long as they are sure to not disturb others. Some have difficulty sitting still for long periods of time. Allow for short breaks or even projects to reflect what they are reading.

Let them choose their own book

Give your students the option to choose a book of their liking. If they are interested in the book, they are more likely to stick with it!

Create a cozy space

Make a cozy corner or space in your classroom where students can get comfortable for their reading time.

Get them hooked on a series

Try introducing a series of books to your students. Especially one where they’ll be eager to pick up the next book!

Let the kids give book talks

Have your students talk about their books together. Share their likes and dislikes, what surprised them or what was the most exciting.

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