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In the Classroom

D R.   S T E P H A N I E   A.   H A R P E R


​Dr. Stephanie Harper is a National Board Certified teacher and an enduring educator that has taught in both private and public school systems and can be coined as a ‘tenacious educationalist’. She is the CEO of Harper Educational Consulting, LLC. Her professional experiences in the field of education include being a Dean of Instruction, instructional coach, and teacher. She has participated in many educational transformation projects that focus on improving struggling schools. She also facilitates many educational conferences sharing various instructional strategies to educators across the United States.

 Dr. Harper’s contribution to the field of education also includes research.  In 2013, she published an article in the National Teacher Education Journal titled “Transformational leaders: How much do they really know about the national board certified teaching standards?”  She has also published articles in the National Rural School Leadership Journal.

M E E T  T H E  T E A M

Members of the Harper Educational Consulting team consist of certified K-12 teachers and administrators  with at least 15 years in the field of education. Our experience involves collaborating with school leaders in examining and determining the appropriate professional development and training in response to teachers’ needs and concerns.  This support includes modeling effective research-based instructional strategies in English Language Arts, Literacy Across the Curriculum, ACT Prep, and the use of technology for educators teaching students in grades pre-kindergarten through 12th.  



Harper Educational supports administrators and teachers in developing data-driven action plans to improve student achievement and develops district- wide ELA curriculum instructional plans. Moreover, our team has experience in evaluating extended-day and Early Childhood programs.

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