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Calm the Morning Chaos With These 4 Tips

Are mornings in your classroom stressful? Do you find they are peaceful or do you find yourself battling anxiety trying to get your class to calm down? Or maybe, you find it difficult to engage them first thing in the morning? Not to worry, mornings do not have to be overwhelming. Having a consistent routine is key to keeping your students calm and engaged first thing.

Here are some ways to do just that.

  1. Greet your students

    1. The first greeting of the day is so important as you have the opportunity to start the day on a positive note. We don’t know what kind of home life our students have and you may be the first one to offer kind words to them that day.

  2. Take attendance

    1. It may seem easy to simply glance around the room to see who is there and who is not, but regularly calling out names is a good way to help students engage and respond to their name being called. Plus, there are a lot of fun ways to take attendance—try a Google search for a variety of options.

  3. Turn in homework

    1. Take this time to have all students bring their homework up to the front or a designated area at the beginning of class.

  4. Do a feelings check in

    1. With the size of classrooms, it can be difficult to talk to each and every child individually. One idea is to do a check in with each student as they enter the room. With a show of fingers, have them tell you how they’re feeling. One finger means not so well and five means great.

Mornings do not have to be stressful. Educators, what are some ways that help you maintain peace, order and even some fun into your morning routines? Let’s help each other out!

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