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Are You Meant To Be A Teacher?

Do you love that moment when a student finally “gets it?” Do you find yourself getting excited for a new school year, even if the previous one was tough? Do you love kids, even on their bad days? You may just be a great fit as a teacher. While some find this role as simply their profession, others see it as a calling. Here are few clues that may help you decide if you are called to be a teacher.

1. You care about our future

Children are our future! I don’t know about you, but I want to know that these future adults will be well rounded, successful and kind people.

2. You are optimistic

Are you a positive person? As an educator, it’s important to be optimistic as some days can be more difficult than others. Finding potential in young learners is key to being a great teacher.

3. You find energy being with students

Do you get excited about your students coming to class? Do you feel energized when you’re teaching or interacting with them?

4. You want to be challenged

Being an educator is not an easy job but a necessary one. If you like to be challenged in new learning techniques, working with different personalities and bringing out the potential in young people, you may just be an amazing teacher.

5. You’re great at telling stories

A lot of public speaking is about telling stories, giving examples, and taking information and making it interesting.

6. You are organized

Students need an educator that they can look up to and help them learn to be organized.

7. You’re good at giving instructions

Are you good at giving directions? Educators are great at giving clear instructions to their students so they can confidently perform the task at hand.

8. You’re patient

All students and classrooms are different and it takes great patience to learn to work with such a variety of young people.

9. You want to become a teacher

If you want to become a teacher, then that’s a GREAT sign!

Teaching can be difficult AND very rewarding. Whether or not you feel called to this profession, know that you are making a difference. Some years it may feel like a calling and some years it may feel like just a job. Keep going. You are impacting this world more than you know.

Harper Educational Consultants have been helping school districts in Mississippi attain the best educational skills available.

To schedule a consultation and see how we can help you in your school, contact us here. Together, we can see transformation in the educational system!

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