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5 Ways to Increase Vocabulary Development

As a parent, you want your child to do well in school. As an educator, it’s also so very important for you to see them succeed. One way to help them is to build their vocabulary. Conversation and reading are two of the best ways to do just that!

So, what are some other ways we help our children increase their vocabulary that will equip them for success?

Read aloud

Make reading aloud a priority at home and at school. It’s amazing how much children understand and retain just by listening.

Play word games

Try games using flash cards or playing “I spy.” Going on

a word hunt in the classroom is another great idea.

Develop a habit of reading

Encourage regular reading time during your class day. Set aside time for students to choose a book and find a quiet spot to read. And if they’re not at the age where they can read on their own yet, make time to read a book to the class aloud.

Visualize new words on paper

This is a great tool for those visual learners! Have your young students draw or make an art project out of a new word for the day.

Put the words in a sentence/conversation

Have a two-way conversation using new words to practice understanding. Putting new words into a sentence is by far the best way to learn!

While these may be tried and true methods of learning new words, there are endless ideas in increasing one’s vocabulary. Can you think of additional ways? We’d love to hear them! Simply comment below so we can share with other educators!

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