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5 Ways to Establish Strong Parent-Teacher Relationships

The power of communication. It can be one of your greatest assets or your strongest barrier when it comes to seeing growth in your students. And especially so when it comes to your relationship with their parents. Parent-teacher connections are vital to the success of your students. It definitely takes time to foster and maintain but the benefits to the children are endless when a strong connection can be made.

Here are a few tips to creating a healthy relationship with the parents of your students.

1. Reach Out Early And Often

Be sure to start as soon as you can! Take time to meet with parents one on one so you can have the opportunity to introduce yourself. Remember, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

2. Embrace Making Phone Calls

Try to reach out to the parents before the student does. And keep your tone reassuring and kind. The goal is always reconciliation over denunciation.

3. Give Positive Feedback

Be sure to share the positives! If you are only contacting the parents in regards to something negative, they’ll be less likely to give you the time you need to discuss the child’s progress.

4. How To Communicate the Negative

Unfortunately, there may be times when negative information needs to be addressed. At this time, simply acknowledge the struggle and offer hope and a plan for moving forward. Remain approachable and understanding with practical solutions!

5. Stay Consistent

Consistently let the parents know that you are for their child and want to see them succeed! This is a team effort and you want to remain on each other’s side!

We hope these tips will help you establish a strong connection with your students’ parents. Keep your relationships strong and healthy and you’ll see success on both sides!

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