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5 Ways Kids Can Still Have Recess At Home

Although the past year has had its challenges, it’s exciting to see our schools and educators rising to the top in creative ways to engage students - even in the virtual classroom. With all that has gone into ensuring that our children are getting the best education possible, it’s easy to miss something as simple as recess! Give your kids the time to get the “wiggles” out with these five ways to stay active at home!

1. Warm Up

Try a fitness warm up such as high knees, walking toe touches and body twists to get moving!

2. Roll the fitness dice

Get a set of fitness dice (or make your own!) with different moves - recess will never be the same!

3. Spoon and Egg Race

A classic among many! Have the kids race each other holding a spoon with an egg on it. The first one to make it to the finish line without dropping the egg wins!

4. Dance Party

Need we say more?! Throw on your favorite tunes and start bustin’ a move!

5. Jump Rope Challenge

Research numerous ways to jump rope and see who can last the longest!

These are just a few ways you can help your students stay active at home - and maybe even yourself! It’s always a great idea to keep moving.

Passionate educators, you are doing a great job! There is no instruction manual for all that you’ve faced this year and we just want you to know that you are rocking it! Together, we will see our educational system transformed and continue to see growth in the lives of our students.

Harper Educational Consultants have been helping school districts in Mississippi attain the best educational skills available.

To schedule a consultation and see how we can help you in your school, contact ushere. Together, we can see transformation in the educational system!

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