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5 Strategies to Boost Participation in the Virtual Classroom

As many educators are learning to become comfortable with online learning, others are still finding it difficult to keep students engaged. With virtual learning, it’s important to include teaching that happens in a group form and individually where students can learn at their own pace.

If you’re feeling frustrated, not to worry! We’ve found some great tools that will help build engagement and keep students participating in classes.

1. Engage in brainstorming activities.

You as the teacher will provide a model on a shareable document and instruct your students to write ideas at home. Then, have them share their ideas through a chat feature on your virtual platform.

2. Have an online competition.

Try doing a scavenger hunt where your students must find an item in their home and the first one back to their computer gets a point. You can also try a game like Jeopardy where you include trivia questions to go along with your lesson plan.

3. Go on a virtual field trip.

There are so many places that offer virtual field trips now! Try different museums, parks, etc and have your students tune in together.

4. Offer an incentive

Another way you can help keep your students engaged is by offering extra points. For example, you may offer extra points for those that show up on time to your session. Or give a phrase or vocabulary word for the day and offer extra points for those that are able to use it in a conversation.

5. Divide into groups and monitor student discussion

Sometimes, small groups are best! It can give students a greater opportunity to get involved in discussion when they are competing with such a large class size.

These are just a few things to try to bring engagement into your virtual classroom. Don’t be afraid to experiment - see what works and what doesn’t and adapt for your individual classes from there.

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